Andy Turba
Marketing Strategist & Content Designer​​​​​​​

Hi and welcome! 🙂

I'm a senior Marketer & Content Designer with 6 years of experience based in London, UK. Naturally highly organised, equipped with creative problem-solving skills & the ability to manage multiple projects & teams at the same time.
70% of my experience comes from companies under 20 team members, which is the reason why I'm very hands-on and not scared of any challenge. You are left no choice but to figure out things on your own in such environment!

Client feedback suggests they primarily value my analytical, performance driven marketing mindset combined with full scale self-taught content design skills including graphic design and video. The beauty of internet! :)

They also appreciate the no-excuse, get the job done no matter what approach. You always see me go the extra mile, tackling situation I’ve never been in head-on. I wouldn't be able to fall asleep with a job half-done.
This is due to the fact that I've chosen marketing & design as my career after trying out a bunch of other things, eventually landing at something that fits my personality, skills and thinking perfectly. And my attitude reflects it. I care deeply about the results on a personal level as much as on a professional one.

USP? All this combined together removes the need for you to hire & manage multiple team members - saving on the budget, time and little bit of nerves too.
There's only so much a text can say - please feel free to email me at or let's jump on a call to discuss how I can help you!


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