Creative direction, animation & graphic design - Videos, GIFs, images, banners and more in various dimensions

Various campaigns across a 6 month period (US+UK): case studies, product launches, online safety campaigns in multiple languages, internal presentations, physical events and more.
I have also worked with Google on launching their new News platform (nws.ai), designing motion and static UX/UI elements. 
Following the design stage, I then built the instagram-like stories inside the app itself. This app was not publicly accessible at this stage. I had to self-teach myself how to use it from scratch by trial-error method as there was no guide available.
Since I was the only person within the team to be able to use the platform, once the project wrapped up, I then taught other team members how to work with it.
Better see than tell - some of these can be seen in action here, here and here

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